Bickford Theatre Home

Hello, and welcome to the online home of the Bickford Theatre in Kernersville, North Carolina. This project is a labor of love in what we hope will become a place where the community can come together and experience the life changing event that is live theatre. We are a fledgling organization and look forward to growing with your patronage and support. The theatre is currently seeking patrons and experienced leaders who can help us give life to this organization.

Please contact us for more information.

Adult Acting Classes

New to acting and theatre? Great! We want to be the first to welcome you to an exciting world of live performance theatre. Theatre, including musical theatre, is a wonderful way to try something new, improve your ability to empathize, and understand motivations.

Join us for a variety of classes on topics ranging from introductory acting to set construction. Depending on the time of year and demand, our class schedule varies but please consult this site or our social media for updates on class offerings.

Children’s Acting Classes

Are you an aspiring artist? Do you idolize actors and actresses rather than athletes? Do you see a National Medal of the Arts in your future? Or, are you just curious about drama and musical theatre? If so, we can’t wait to meet you!

We aim to offer children’s summer camps (6 weeks) and daylong work camps depending on your child’s interest and age. Our structured six week program will help your child grow and experience what it is like to stage a production of a theatrical show. The show varies and is voted on by the participants, ensuring that they see all that goes into a production from the very start. Join us for this immersive experience into theatre.

We also offer a more flexible option which allows your child to schedule classes a la carte according to his or her interest. Please contact us to discuss your goals and discuss available options.

Adult Music Classes

Music is magical, and we think the ability to make music will change your life for the better. Come expand your horizons with us.

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” – Victor Hugo

Many adults have a false idea in their heads that music can’t be learned past a certain age. Nonsense! Please join us to learn how to make and appreciate music, especially if you’re getting started later in life. Need a good reason to get going? How about scores of them compiled and well cited? Here is list of benefits for adults to learning and playing music.

Also, please don’t think you need a lot of equipment to get started. With a computer, audio interface, and a good set of headphones, most musicians will have a solid setup no matter what their instrument of choice is. With more and more production professionally “in the box” (that is, with software in a computer program), software is really all you need to get started. The days requiring a fully equipped production studio are gone. So, to get going get:

  • Computer: You don’t need top of the line, but make sure to get enough computing power to handle programs like garage band, Logic Pro X, Ableton, Guitar Rig, etc. As you can see, no matter what kind of music you want to make, there is probably software for it, making it more accessible than ever before.
  • Audio Interface: To connect your instrument to your computer, you’ll need an audio interface. There are a ton of great options available, but we highly recommend consulting this guide for the best audio interface that will work with your needs.
  • Headphones: You don’t need expensive headphones, but a good honest set is worthwhile when starting your music education. Do not use earbuds or sport type headphones, as they will color your music and probably not of the quality needed. However, a pair from a reputable manufacturer that fits you well can be had for around $50 and will be one of your best friends when you are taking this course.

Children’s Music Classes

You are never too young for music, and we think the sooner you gain an appreciation for all things musical, the sooner your life will be enriched. Our music classes are meant to be a gentle introduction to the shapes of instruments, interacting with them, and of course the sounds they make. We follow along with song books that have been highly recommended by experts to help nurture and grow your child’s musical development.

There are a la carte options and packages available, so please contact us if you would like more info on our music programming for children. Recommended for ages 3-9.